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“Visited the site and am now a fan of Russell’s music. He’s a gifted guitarist. Years of study can make one proficient, but his playing goes beyond that. I am glad he’s sharing his talent with us because his songs are brilliant. Got myself an early Christmas present. :)” – D, USA

” I love your music, I play it often when working. Restful, joyful and upbeat (and thus uplifting) – you name it, you can find it all on your CD. Your music makes me happy.” – MB, The Netherlands

“Wow, oh wow, what beautiful music. He has a winner!! Really enjoyed it.” – Joyce, Dallas


“Russell is a gifted musician, composer and producer of refreshing instrumental music. For fans of acoustic driven instrumental songs, this artist’s music is naturally a must have in your collection!”

“His music has gained the attention of music lovers world wide. An excellent listening choice for relaxation, inspiration, at work, home or in the car.”

For a limited time, Russell is giving away the latest single from his latest album, II. Just enter your name and email address in the right hand side of this site and you will be immediately sent the download link to the free track.

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