An Inside Look At The I Album

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This album’s music has been a long time coming. Inspired by my time in Colorado, you may interpret these songs any way that best suit you. This album could have very well been titled “A Honeymoon In Colorado” or “A Day In The Park.”
We deliberately chose to keep this recording rather natural and organic. You may hear moments of string noise, the guitar pick smacking the strings between chord strums, thumps on the guitar’s body, breaths and other such “noise.” We feel that this recording approach brings this music to greater life and also gives a bit more of a real, personal, and authentic vibe.
This music is for you, dear listener. There are no lyrics. This music is all instrumental. As you listen, you will inevitably envision scenes from your memory and imagination.

I’ll tell you song by song my thoughts of the music. You certainly may find otherwise. I hope so. Make this music your own.

Song For The Pines

Imagine yourself long overdue for a vacation or a road trip – getting away from the daily grind and the rat race. In your car, as your drive away and into the wilderness, you feel all of your stresses leave you as you re-discover your connection to nature – the earth, sky, mountains, clean air, clean waters – a sense of going native. Every curve of the ascending canyon road reveals a new scene. Every breath feels lighter and smells fresher. Every scene delights your senses, elating your soul and refreshing your spirit.

Joy In The Mountains
Having arrived at your vacation destination, leaving all of your cares of daily life behind, there is a feeling of native connection to nature. Nothing of mankind or technology in sight – only nature and yourself – and a feeling of joy.

Dusty Trails
A long, happy hike or horseback ride through the trails.

Inspired by Irish Jigs, Celtic & Gaelic music, this is a nod to my mother’s ancestral roots and my fondness for that type of music. Imagine having reached the end of the trail, high in the mountain summits in tundra, above tree line, looking at mountains peaks, valleys and forest for miles in any direction – celebrating a glorious feeling of accomplishment, victory and peaceful happiness.

Enjoying the elated feeling…

Evening At The Lodge
A great day in nature comes to a close. I originally imagined this as a scene where you check into your cabin, noticing the features in the room – the fireplace, the couch, the kitchen area, the carpets, the paintings on the wall and such…. then settling in and enjoying the comforts in a nice, easy mellow mood. This could also be imagined as walking into a lodge’s restraunt or lounge, taking in the scenes of candle lit tables, the piano, bar, artwork on the log walls, the jazz band warming up in the corner and such, then settling into a relaxing dinner & drinks.

Autumn Moon Dance
After a long day, we gather by a communal campfire behind the lodge. The evening air is crisp, the moon is out shining bright as it does in the high mountain country. One by one, strangers and fellow travelers gather like mysterious gypsies. We share our stories of the days events, our travels, getting to know each other. Questions such as “Where do you hail from?” and “Did you see this and that in the park today?” bring us close as we share spontaneous laughs, conversation, dance and celebrating life.

Yearning To Return
Retiring to the cabin, reflecting on a great time in nature, the scenes and experiences, I feel as though I don’t want to leave. Knowing such can’t be, I already yearn for the time that I can return.

Sacred Lust
At the lodge, as you relax in your chair ready for bed, imagine your lover emerging from the shower in a robe with a gleam in the eye staring blissfully at you with an intense desire. Your lover dances – just for you. The robe comes off, revealing nothing but sparkling firelight on a gorgeous body. Your lover approaches you with a special caress, and then – action…

The night is complete as lovers hold each other in blissful joy. No words need be spoken as warm caresses soothe each other into peaceful rest.

The preceding thoughts are merely scenes that play through my mind like a movie soundtrack as I hear this music. I hope that you will interpret this music as your own. If certain songs allow you to imagine scenes in different places, differnt moods and feelings, then my work here is good. Thanks for listening.

To purchase the album as a digital download (or just listen to a few song samples), click here; I Album

For the CD, click here; CD

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